[TO-nik] noun

a substance taken to give a feeling of vigour or well-being

Last month’s blog ended with me writing that this month’s blog would be headed ‘Tips on creating the perfect tablescape’. But I find that I just can’t bring myself to talk about ‘luxury tablescapes’ this week when I know there are countless people in our community who are wondering how they are going to find put on their tables to feed their families today!

I live in Hillcrest, Kwazulu Natal - a beautiful, bustling yet peaceful neighbourhood that was rocked by violence last week and shrouded in smoke...and fear! Yet before the smoke even settled, our community jumped into action. My daughter and I headed to the worst hit warehouses in our area to help clear the devastation wrecked at a distributor to the catering industry. We waded through spilt bottles of oil and slashed bags of mielie meal, and I found myself choking back the tears at the senseless wastage of food…when so many are in need!

So to be honest….as much as I try and focus on the feeling of UBUNTU and the amazing resilience of our nation this past week, there’s still that underlying sadness and fear in the pit of my stomach! Where do we go to from here???

But for now…

We love what we do…and 'Tableinabox' will keep creating beautiful table settings! Because the last week has taught me that sitting around a table with family and friends is tonic for the soul!

So I end off with the same ending as last month’s blog...Tips on creating the perfect tablescape…see next month’s blog! Stay safe…

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