[ta-bil-scay-pa] noun

a decorative arrangement of ornaments or other objects on a tabletop

With the pandemic keeping us at home, people are spending more time entertaining around their dining room table... and we’ve seen a HUGE increase in online table décor shops! To be honest, although we toyed with the idea of ‘Tableinabox’ years before we actually launched it (that’s a story for another time….), the catalyst for us eventually launching was the surge in ‘stay-at-home’ dining!

So – the term ‘tablescape’ is popping up everywhere, but what exactly is a ‘tablescape’? Google the word and you'll get all sorts of interpretations. Simply put - any decorated tabletop is a tablescape. That sounds rather bland and uninspiring, doesn’t it? We are passionate about décor and beautiful things and think the word ‘tablescape’ can be expressed as being ‘a well-balanced, creative table setting design plan that incorporates the entire table and creates the dining atmosphere’…. i.e. it’s a work of art!

So, what is in this ‘design plan’ we are talking about? Your preference for a tablescape could be incredibly complex and ornate or extremely straightforward with just a few basic elements. Bearing in mind too, that the plan needs to consider the event you are setting the table for. Either way though, your design plan needs to include dining plates, glasses, utensils, placemats (or a tablecloth or table runner), napkins….and some sort of décor. That’s where the fun starts! Your options are endless so allow your creativity to run wild!

And yes – a tablescape can be done with little, to no expense at all! You can scrounge through your cupboard, haul out all those forgotten décor items, grab some flowers or greenery from your garden….and there you have it! Or, take a look at our site for some inspiration…. and if you really feel like you can’t pull it together alone, get yourself one of our ready-to-go boxes … and voila…. you’re all set (excuse the pun….)

Looking for some tips on creating the perfect tablescape…. Keep your eye out for next months blog!